Electric scooters are readily available at Disney parks. They are offered by first come first serve basis. Reservations are not accepted. A traveller is guaranteed to having one after renting in advance. You can get one from the recommended third-party services at the park. With a Disney World scooter, you can easily navigate their parks. Their parks are very wide, and they can be navigated easily in a scooter. These devices have four main components. These are the drive train, battery, and the frame.


Even if they might be very similar regarding structure, they differ in some key areas such as maximum speed, battery life, operating range and weight capacity. The features of a scooter are mainly determined by the needs of an individual. The performance, assembly, ground clearance, turning capabilities, and manoeuvrability are other key areas that you need to focus on when selecting a rental scooter.

Manoeuvrability-ground clearance

These are devices having a ground clearance of 1-3 inches. They are known for being more stable as compared to the taller ones. The only problem with them is that they are more likely to incur damage especially when they are used on an uneven or rough terrain. They are suitable for flat, paved surfaces and indoors.

Manoeuvrability: Turning radius and inclines

Their maneuverability mainly depends on the rider’s average height and weight. These are the factors that determine the ground clearance, maximum incline, operating range and turning radius. For instance, they do not perform well when heavier riders operate them.

Manoeuvrability: Turning radius

A device having a small turning radius will enable you to get around tight corners easily. Most of the recommended devices have a turning radius ranging from 30 to 55 inches. Scooters having three wheels are known for having a high degree of maneuverability.

Performance: Operating range

scooter in motion

The operating range of each scooter varies widely. Some of them can maintain their speed for the first ten miles. The scooter’s battery should be recharged after use. Charging of this battery takes about ten hours. The average operating range for most scooters ranges from 10-15 miles.




Performance speed

The speeds limit how fast the user can go or travel for safety reasons. Most of them are capable of matching the speed of pedestrians. The device chosen should be safe for both the people and riders walking by. Their operating speeds range between four mph and eight mph. The maximum speed is another important factor. This is the one that determines how long it takes for someone to get o his or her destination. A device that is well designed should combine these two factors.


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