Depression is associated with women. The society expects men to be the stronger sex hence they try to hide symptoms of depression. Women will openly break down and cry if they are going through a difficult time, but in very few cases will you see such an act from a man. Depressed men display depression signs by being a workaholic, getting angry unnecessarily, taking unworthy risks and adopting reckless behavior. Lack of interest in job, hobbies and other production duties are other symptoms of a depressed man. Depression does not choose who to strike. Sometimes you will be depressed because everybody around you is depressed. If neglected depression becomes homicide and suicidal. The worst of depression is happen in men than in women. It is time men get educated about depression. It should be treated like any other disease. Letting the people around you know what you are going through is the first step to healing.

When to seek help

  • Increased alcohol consumption within a short period.
  • When you find out that small things which never used to irritate you are now a bother
  • Loss of appetite and lack of sleep
  • When you no longer want to spend time with friends and negative thoughts overwhelming you.

Causes of depression

  • Financial problems
  • When you cannot achieve a particular goal
  • Injury, disability, chronic illnesses and related health issues
  • Loss of family members or close friends
  • Marital or family problems
  • Stress from school, home or place of work
  • Loss of freedom

How to avoid depression

  • Reduce the intake of carbohydrates and sugar. Foods rich in the above make you feel good for a moment, but the next minute your moods and energy relegate.
  • Reduce the intake of caffeine and alcohol by all means
  • Increase the intake of foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Such foods include salmon, walnut, and fish.
  • Avoid stress, get enough sleep, include rest time in your work schedule, spend some time out with friends and family and participate in other life-improving activities.
  • If you notice that someone close to you is suffering depression, love is what you can best offer them. Listen and talk to them with love and resist any urge to judge them. Refer them to a good counselor or doctor and if possible accompany them. If they are not free talking to the doctor in your presence, you can always excuse them.