The eyes are a very crucial organ of the body that require adequate care and consideration. You’ve sometimes sat and wondered, which body organ when removed, can highly affect you or cause much trauma, is it the legs, losing your sense of hearing, sight, speech or memory? According to study, it’s proven that most people view eyesight impairment as the worst possible health-related issue that can happen to any person. Quite true, that is why one should never assume any problem related to the eyes. You should quickly visit an optician if you doubt of something wrong with yours.

Eyes are also very fragile that’s why they are prone to very many allergies compared to other body organs. Although, most of these allergies are cured002 with proper and prescribed medical eyeglasses that sometimes are hard to find, having ample knowledge about their different types and brand can help you acquire the best. Eyeglasses should have sturdy surrounding frames and very quality lenses to reduce the effects of most common experienced eye-disorders. Example of suitable lenses are the ICL (Implantable Collamer Lenses), read more about ICL. They are known to be amongst the best and most preferable lens types. You must be well-informed about your eye health conditions so as to empower you to be always keen on your vision. What are the common eye disorders that one should never ignore?


Glaucoma, commonly known as the silent thief of eyesight, is a very chronic eyesight illness that should never be ignored. It’s an eyesight disorder that doesn’t show any signs of early eyesight problems. It mostly encroaches when one starts becoming a senior age-group member at the age of around 60 years. That is why you find most people within that range having issues with their eyesight. Most people even don’t get to know how this condition came by, and it is a very serious disease that can lead to blindness if not handled medically.


001You have come across people looking like they have cloudy eyes or an additional layer above the cornea part of the eye. This eye condition is commonly known as cataracts. It blurs vision slowly with time and if not treated early, can mature to fatal levels that might cause blindness. It mostly occurs at a time when the lens, the part of the eye behind the pupil, begins to harden and so can be temporarily be solved by inserting artificial lenses or glasses with strong lenses.


Diabetic retinopathy

This disease is caused by diabetes and change of blood vessels in the retina. One should control their sugar intake and blood sugar levels to prevent or control this condition.