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HLSP Consulting is an established international management consulting firm set up in 1984 to provide specialist services in the health sector. Over recent years, and based on the firm’s experience in public sector reform and commissioning services from the private sector, the company has been providing services to a wider range of public sector and commercial clients.

HLSP Consulting has worked in over 70 countries and has provided over 80 person years of practical support. The firm has developed wide international experience in health sector development, built a strong in-house professional and administrative team, and has developed and tested a wide group of specialist consultants. Key areas in which HLSP Consulting is active include:

sector financing (including national health insurance) and financial analysis (including national health accounts)
establishing professional purchasing or commissioning bodies using their knowledge and spending powers to get value for money and equity for consumers including buying from the private sector
managing complex projects involving structural reform and the implementation of programmes including employment reforms of the public sector and setting up independent service provider organizations
developing and supporting sector-wide mechanisms in which donor and government funding is pooled and allocated to agreed strategies and plans (as opposed to project-specific funding)
specific technical and management support to organizations including contracting, financial and management systems, education and training, communications support including web sites and on-line support to programme implementers
public health and communicable disease control strategies and programme implementation.
In 1994, HLSP Consulting established the Institute for Health Sector Development (IHSD) with the support of the Department for International Development (DFID) of the British Government. IHSD is now an independent institute offering up-to-date information and support to lower and middle income countries and manages the DFID Health Systems Resource Centre. For information on IHSD click www.ihsd.org

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