About us

The Institute for Health Sector Development is an independent organisation working to support the specific needs of low and middle income countries. Through its web site, e-bulletins, publications and international meetings and workshops, the Institute provides up-to-date information on best practice and the experience and lessons learned from practical projects and programmes.
The Institute provides specific expertise and services that include specialist consultancy, study tours of reforms in action, events management, education and interactive learning programmes.

Since 1994, the Institute has been contracted to manage the DFID Health Systems Resource Centre (HSRC) for the Department for International Development of the British Government. For more information see: www.healthsystemsrc.org

The Institute was established in 1994 with support from HLSP Consulting and the British Government Department for International Development. HLSP Consulting is an established international management consulting firm providing a wide range of public sector and commercial expertise including health sector consultancy and project management. For more information see: www.hlsp.org